DISCOGRAPHY: 1964 - 1970



The Autumn Singles


Laugh Laugh / Still In Love With You Baby – 1964 (Autumn Single 8)


Just A Little / They'll Make You Cry – 1965 (Autumn Single 10)


You Tell Me Why / I Want You – 1965 (Autumn Single 16)


Don't Talk To Strangers / In Good Time – 1965 (Autumn Single 17)


Good Time Music / Sad Little Girl – 1965 (Autumn Single 24)



The Autumn LPs


Introducing The Beau Brummels – 1965 (Autumn LP 103)
Laugh Laugh, Still In Love With You Baby, Just A Little, Just Wait And See, Oh Lonesome Me, Ain't That Loving You Baby, Stick Like Glue, They'll Make You Cry, That's If You Want Me To, I Want More Loving, I Would Be Happy, Not Too Long Ago


Volume Two – 1965 (Autumn LP 104)

You Tell Me Why, I Want You, Doesn't Matter, That's Alright, Sometime At Night, Can It Be, Sad Little Girl, Woman (Instrumental), Don't Talk To Strangers, I've Never Known, When It Comes To Your Love, In Good Time



The Warner Brothers Singles


One Too Many Mornings / She Reigns – 1966 (Warner Brothers Single 5813)


Here We Are Again / Fine With Me – 1966 (Warner Brothers Single 5848)


Don't Make Promises / Two Days Till Tomorrow – 1967 (Warner Brothers Single 7014)


Magic Hollow / Lower Level – 1967 (Warner Brothers Single 7079)


Lift Me / Are You Happy – 1968 (Warner Brothers Single 7204)


Long Walking Down To Misery / I'm A Sleeper – 1968 (Warner Brothers Single 7218)


Cherokee Girl / Deep Water – 1969 (Warner Brothers Single 7260)



The Warner Brothers LPs


Beau Brummels '66 – 1966  (Warner Brothers LP 1644)

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, Mr. Tambourine Man, Louie Louie, Homeward Bound, These Boots Are Made For Walking, Yesterday, Bang Bang, Hang On Sloopy, Play With Fire, Woman, Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter, Monday Monday


Triangle – 1967 (Warner Brothers LP 1692)

Are You Happy?, Only Dreaming Now, Painter Of Women, The Keeper Of Time, It Won't Get Better, Nine Pound Hammer, Magic Hollow, And I've Seen Her, Triangle, The Wolf Of Velvet Fortune, Old Kentucky Home


Bradley's Barn – 1968 (Warner Brothers LP 1760)
Turn Around, An Added Attraction (Come And See Me), Deep Water, Long Walking Down To Misery, Little Bird, Cherokee Girl, I'm A Sleeper, The Loneliest Man In Town, Love Can Fall A Long Way Down, Jessica, Bless You California


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